1. Sound on / off
Turns all sounds OFF or ON. independent from the device setting. Especially useful if you play while listening to podcasts.
2. Distribution Chart
When ON, a distribution bar chart is shown on top, representing which color gets you what percentage of your profit. Useful to track your progress and priorities.
3. Upgrade Modes
OFF: won't show the upgrade modes
ON: upgrade modes selectable when scrolled down
STICKY: upgrade modes always selectable and placed just above the add button
4. Join Discord
Links to the discord channel invitation page. You can chat with other players or easily reach developers for technical support.
5. Cem Games
Check out other games made by the same developers. Exciting stuff on the way.
6. Contrast high / low
LOW contrast mode softens the colors and lowers the contrast. Makes the game healthier for sensitive eyes.
7. Top Info Options
ON: when scrolled up, shows POW value, number of ROUNDS (prestige resets) and WORLD progress
DETAIL: shows POW and prestige calculation, ROUNDS, WORLD no and LEVEL MULTIPLIER ranges
8. Creation Room
links to the Creation Room, where you can check out your modifiers. After 100 rounds game will start to offer small but increasing amounts of POW for Global Prestige.
9. Idle 1 Manual
takes you to 'idle1.com' so you can view this manual
10. Save Backup
loads your last automatic save backup in case the save file is corrupted / the progress is reset
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