1. What are idle multipliers ?

Multipliers multiply your applied prestige. Nu. of multipliers are shown in the little bubble over the prestige button.

They can be accumulated but will be used in the first prestige reset.

If you have any multiplier, offered prestige will be min '1'.

tip for late worlds: just get off the game for 10 min and come back for a multiplier if it's hard to reach the first prestige
2. How do you get multipliers ?
Multipliers accumulate in your 'idle' time. The more you stay off the game the more multipliers accumulate. Minimum 'idle' time to start getting them is 10 minute. No increasing effect after 10 idle days.
3. How it is calculated ?
Multipliers are calculated in direct relation to how many hours the player is away from the game. 
4. Table of 'Possibilities'
does not cover all possibilities. in general more idle time gets more multipliers exponentially. 

5. Connection Errors
Multipliers are calculated only if the player is online. If you get a 'slow connection' error just try to restart the app to reclaim your multiplier. In case the player was offline and skips a multiplier reward, earnings will be accumulated for the next session when the device is back online.

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