1. Maxed out symbols
Changes 'maxed out symbol' and color palette. Does not have an effect on game play.
2.1. Standard Fixed Costs
Fixed cost curves set the base cost for adding colors and machine calculations. Standard fixed cost curve is the default alghorithm. It's consistant in it's increase and without surprises.
2.2. High Fixed Costs
Base costs are high, both in the begining of the game, and in later stages. To balance it out, higher colors get an income benefit bonus which might change the optimal min-max strategy for the player.
2.3. Plateau Fixed Costs
Game starts to get very difficult around color 8-9 but after a tipping point, it's very easy to progress until the meaning of life. Great modifier for a satisfactory delayed grafitication feeling.
2.4. Logarithmic Fixed Cost
Hardest option for the early stage. Even getting to the first round of prestige is time consuming. Every round gets significantly easier. Fun game play for those who want to grind without numbers getting crazy high.
2.5. Exponential Fixed Cost
Things escalate quicky with this mode. With a good pow getting to the machine is a matter of minutes. Player should capitalize on cheaper color upgrades as the exponential curve also has the most difficult ending.
2.0. Custom Fixed Cost
Very close to the Standard Fixed Cost curve but with waves of difficulty. Difficult walls after mach6 and color9. Easier low colors and early machines to help getting higher prestige bonuses.
3. Cost Factor 'K'
Higher the K factor the more difficult it gets to max out colors, but with the side effect of increased initial revenues.
4. Level up Benefits
Amount of revenue benefit per every level upgrade. With everthing else equal, a high curve advantages waiting out colors to get to the high levels. A low curve benefits from frequent prestiges. However the effect is very much dependent on other modifiers.
5. Level Multipliers
Defines when colors get level multiplies. Different number patterns bring significant changes in game pace and optimum strategy.  
6.1. - 6.2. - 6.3. Prestige Curves
Higher the value, steeper the curve. With a higher prestige curve, Prestige ROI for the next color gets larger towards the end.
6.4. Random Prestige Mode
Each prestige round selects between 3 possible boost values with one of them being significantly higher. With this mode luck becomes an important factor especially in the early stage.
6.5. Profit Prestige Mode
Prestige value is defined by profit per second instead of color progression. This mode has significantly different game play as the player is rewarded for long rounds.
7. Machine Calculations
Number of machine calculations needed to finish the game. Mach 5 has fewer calculations, but it has a steeper fixed cost curve between calculations.
8. Sleeper Mode
Earns significantly more offline Multipliers. Especially after and 8 hours of not playing. Color revenues will be slightly lower as a trade off.
9. Manual Pace Mode
Ability to fast forward the pace of the game which will be slower than usual. Pushing the button repeatedly or holding it have different effects.
10. Fixed Boosters
A specific color and ability (c1-c9, earn, speed, cost) gets to have a fixed multiplier of x5 applied every prestige.
11. World 1 modifiers
Returns all game specifications to World 1 defaults.
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