Upgrade Buttons
you have half of the money needed for the next upgrade
you can afford the next Upgrade
you can afford the next 3 Upgrades
you can afford the next 13 Upgrades and projected to get to the next level multiplier range. notice the full arrow
Color Levels & Earn Bars
big number: number of color levels (upgrades)

level boosts: multiplies revenue after certain levels (10-25-50 etc)

circular bar: percentage of levels upgraded until the next level boost

rainbow earn bars: color levels are maxed out
Top Panel Indicators
Profit Info
Progress Forecast

shows a forecast of the time remaining until the next color or machine progress. does not show anything if the forecast is more than 10 minutes
Up Modes
Prestige Button
restarts the game giving randomly selected bonuses to one of the unlocked colors. this will make the world easier everytime you restart

big number on the button: amount of prestige bonus that is offered for a world restart.

small number on the button: multiplies the amount of bonus for the next prestige. multipliers are accumulated when you're idle.

random prestiges depend on your luck. unlucky rolls may lead to frustration and recognition of patterns that are not present. feel free to test the game rng with a big enough sample size.

please also check:
Insensitivity to sample size
Negativity Bias
Cheat Button
cheats: consumable inapp purchases to make your progress easier.

number on the button: amount of cheat selections available. increases as you progress in the game.

more: tap 'more' to see more details or select another cheat.
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